Skype, the safest way to download it

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With Skype you can call your family and friends anywhere in the world.


Family & friends

With Skype you can communicate with your friends wherever they are and whatever device they use, whether a cell generation, intelligent television, PC or Mac.

His main interest lies in video calling, which has become a benchmark. They are free, but to make group video calls up to 10 people is required to pay. In addition, Skype lets you call regular phone numbers worldwide with a reduced fee, which is deducted from your balance.


Skype for PC is the most popular program to make calls and voice free video calls from your computer to other mobile and fixed devices. You can also chat with other people in 1 to 1 or group conversations; and exchange documents and audiovisual files.

To perform and video conferencing telephone through this program, the first thing you have to do is to create a Skype account. Once you have it, you can enjoy these services with all the contacts you have on this application; and talk to them for free so long as you like.

Call on Skype does not cost money since it does not use your phone line, but that talks data are sent through your connection to internet (VoIP calls), for what it does not need to use coverage of an operator to carry out, such as when you call via mobile phone.